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Incorporating in 1982, DSR began as a small consulting company providing programming and project management services to the petroleum and automobile industries. Over the next 15 years, DSR grew to a mid-sized consulting firm providing services to a larger group including petroleum, manufacturing, airline, insurance, banking, State and federal governments, pharmaceutical and communications industries. During this time DSR became an IBM Business Partner and created the Passport® EDI software system and a communications application marketed by IBM and used in thousands of locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Established as a leader in the communications field and an AT&T Alliance Partner, DSR has grown and currently provides Technical Support/Technical Help Desk Services, Provisioning for high speed internet communications, Billing Services, Software Development and EDI Applications and Services to its customers ranging from small businesses to many companies in the Fortune 1000. In the future, as in the past, DSR will continue to provide the best-in-class service and live up to its motto: "We Deliver Technology..."

Provisioning, Technical and Business Services

Acting as prime with project management responsibility or as the subcontractor, DSR delivers the technology components or business services required to complete projects for a variety of industries.

  • Utilizing its technical support group, DSR provides expert help desk services for a variety of high speed internet communications environments. DSR will completely customize that support to meet the client's requirements.
  • DSR provides a wide range of provisioning services from assisting a single small company to establish communications with a large customer to managing large rollouts for Fortune 1000 companies. We specialize in provisioning for both dial-up and broadband environments. DSR's prequalification systems provide hundreds of available options and parameters, ensuring we can create the environment as envisioned by the client and support it as well. With access to a large number of high-speed internet resources inside and outside the U.S., DSR's reach is global.
  • DSR provides a variety of business services to its clients including billing consolidations and employee recurring credit card processing for communications services.

Software Development

DSR has been a developer of software applications since 1989. Unlike many, we do not specialize in just one industry. DSR has software applicable to a broad spectrum of industries including health, insurance, transportation, petroleum, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail as well as state and federal government agencies.

DSR also provides custom software development for clients. These applications range from simple communications interfaces for an existing customer application to large, complex systems facilitating a number of business functions. In a custom development scenario, the customer may provide DSR with a detailed set of specifications for the application or simply a 'shopping list' of desired functions. Based upon this information, DSR will work with the customer to fine tune the application by making suggestions for changes or enhancements. When the design is satisfactory to both parties, DSR will write the application and even manage its rollout if desired.

DSR also develops software packages which it offers in its online catalog. Many of these products — including EDI, network tracking, security and various utility packages — are those that any size business could use without going through the expensive development process.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Early on, DSR joined the race to make America more productive by applying technology to the exchange of business and technical information. Trading partners can use DSR's Passport® family of products to send and receive EDI data with a variety of data transport and storage options including ODBC, flatfile, XML and other formats. PassportXchange™ is a high-powered EDI product which is reasonably priced, making it invaluable to any business requiring flexibility in handling various data types. TransportGOLD® is tailored for the trucking industry and is currently used by hundreds of companies.

DSR is committed to providing the latest in technology and translator capabilities to business and government. DSR recently introduced its Passport®/Linux translator taking advantage of the power of the Linux operating system. Other EDI services include training seminars, mapping services, customized report and data entry screen development, and EDI translation services.