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Passport®/Linux has been released

DSR is proud to announce the first generation of its Linux-based EDI translation engines!

Passport®/Linux will run on any Linux server with the 'glibc-2.1' or higher libraries installed, and allows for translation of EDI to Flatfile and back. Utilizing the inherent power of the Linux operating system, Passport®/Linux measurably outperforms many of our competitors' Windows-based translators.

We listened to our customers' requests and included our Windows-based mapper engine with this product. This easy-to-use graphical mapping tool (which hundreds of our customers already know how to use) keeps Passport®/Linux one step above many other Linux-based translation solutions.

This product currently includes no specialized communications modules. Linux itself has many inherent communication tools available in a standard install. Again, we've used the raw power of the operating system to afford our customers a much broader choice of methods to interact with their trading partners.

"Passport®/Linux is a perfect tool for our customers who prefer the raw power of the Linux operating system for translation. The ability to handle EDI mapping on a Windows platform in a graphical tool makes things much easier to manage. The perfect blend of power and manageability." — John H. Bond, CEO.