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EDI / Translation Software

Based on our solid PassportGOLD® and PassportXchange™ translation engines, DSR now provides a solid, proven translation system for our customers who prefer the actual work to run on their Linux based systems.
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Based on our PassportGOLD® translation package used in thousands of locations, PassportXchange™ is a solid, proven software system which adds the latest in EDI and IT technology.
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TransportGOLD® is an EDI software system built exclusively for the Trucking Industry.It becomes the carrier's EDI link to all of its trading partners providing accurate, secure, and almost instantaneous exchanges.
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Passport®/ValidateEDI Pro
Compare EDI data to template for accuracy
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Passport®/EDI Explorer
Display document counts, Control Numbers, IDs and more
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Passport®/EDI Acknowledger
Generate ACK from received EDI data
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Extract EDI from ACH data
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Converts fixed length X12 EDI data to a delimited EDI file
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Database Software

Compare, dump/load, backup, export to flatfile, filter, index, compare up to two ODBC tables at the same time
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Security Software

Catalog photographs with aliases and comments which allow identification of individuals based on searchable attributes
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Used by Casino Dispatch to log and report all events occurring in the facility as required by law
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newCertificate Manager
Simple utility to keep track of what SSL certificates need to be renewed, and when.
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newDomain Manager
Simple utility to keep track of purchased domains. Allows you to track which domains need renewed and when.
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Track execution of all .dll modules in a selected .exe
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Provides moving an image of requested file to target directory prior to performing any processing on original file
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Allows move or append of a file in any selected directory to selected target directory with original file deleted
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Compares two comma delimited files to determine if the records are of equal length
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Searches files in specified directory and eliminates blank lines
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Allows display of task list with capability for user to stop a process — useful when operating through a server as in NetMeeting and the task list is not available for viewing
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